world history we take this information from history s books if any mistake  seen by you please I apologize for this”The world doesn’t belong to those who have a monopoly on it.” -Walt WhitmanIn the early 20th century, the American Civil War became an enormous economic and social upheaval. People in all states were forced out of their jobs and left behind large amounts of wealth. An entire generation was born into poverty. Many people died from starvation and disease, while others lost everything they had. It would take nearly 100 years for the country to return to normal. The war itself is not over, as America has fought many more battles (and will continue fighting) until independence. Even with this great amount of carnage, you can see how much the government cared about rebuilding society, but also how much it took on a very paternalistic approach during times of war. “A nation that does not know its past makes no progress.”- John AdamsHow did we get here? Did our ancestors have enough food and resources to survive? Our culture did not give them enough opportunity to succeed so why are we still alive? What happened to us before we got ourselves together? How is our government today that allows citizens to lose everything as well as thrive? Is war just another form of entertainment? Why can’t we unite against what went wrong or how are things much worse now than they were before? In our modern age, there are very few countries that make some progress and get people back to doing what they love doing and making a positive change.I am curious to hear your thoughts about this topic. There are other things in history that are currently affecting our lives we should be concerned about and it may be interesting to write down your feelings on this.Here is my question to you;Have you ever thought about when the world would be different if the US wasn’t involved? Would everything be like it is now? Maybe, maybe not! What would happen if we made the right decisions that would eventually lead to a better world? I would always appreciate hearing what you think. Write down or type to me in this message and tell me a little bit about you. Send me a line. That’s all that’s needed.We Are Not Happy If only there were more people that didn’t have to worry about being hungry. If only someone told us that the sun wouldn’t burn and we could live as long as possible. If only we weren’t given such bad treatment for every situation we went through. So many people lost their lives due to our governments negligence. I hope to read something from someone soon who knows a thing or two about World War II maybe because my father served and fought in WWII. I don’t want to talk about myself too much but if this wasn’t my father then I would want to know. Who does this thing called society? Well it’s not me. No man is perfect even though he tries! As someone that was raised by someone who lost the most to a dictator in his youth and had to spend most of her time living off the land so that she could feed herself and support her growing family. Why is this? Do we not deserve anything good? Do you not know what happened to us all? You are talking about one small portion of society and yet it seems like you understand what goes wrong in this world. To me, it is incredibly depressing. So many children who never knew what they wanted and didn’t have any say in the matter. When did society start teaching kids this idea and doing this kind of thinking? At such a young age? Kids as young as four are taught how to be in order and follow rules that others set forth but they are taught nothing at all how to function as an individual. Yes we want to have freedom but society does not teach kids and adults about independence. They are told to obey authority yet they do not have a clue what it means. Why is society like this?People die everyday just because their governments didn’t care enough to help. Or maybe they should have? All I really want to know is when we would truly be happy after life without wars and hatred. When did we become as complacent as people so easily become? I don’t want to believe that society is causing these problems anymore than it used to cause them. Nobody wants to be left out of a conversation. I wonder if you would want someone to sit down with that person and tell him to stop worrying about everything. You can keep everyone else safe but you can’t save yourself. The only way out of getting these types of problems is leaving. Some people just want to end it and move forward but I cannot. Just because you have money does not mean you have to use it for your own gain. Have you ever had anyone fight for the freedom you were given? I didn’t and I certainly never will. My parents did not let me watch cartoons, play games on a computer, or go outside. I will never forget the day when my mother told me to go outside and play with our neighbors dog or cat’s because I was going to go home after school and get the homework done. After school, after homework, after all my friends at school I told my mom I wasn’t going home. She cried and screamed and told me that I did not want to go home. When I heard the words ‘I’m coming home’ she grabbed my arm and told me that I wasn’t going home. She said to me ‘no mama you’re not going home mama you’re going home to do the most important work that you did. That work is reading a book, working for the fire department, and helping your neighbor clean up the yard and garden. That is exactly what I’m going to do right now because reading a novel or watching movies is not important. Reading books might seem like something fun but reading is actually something that will fill your mind and soul for eternity. Watching the rain pour from above in the sky will stay with you forever because they were meant to fill your heart and mind. Don’t you want to do the most important thing you could possibly do? Be happy?